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I'm an award-winning information designer, passionate about visualizing data for organizations, brands, and agencies. I have a decade of experience creating compelling visualizations for creative studios like Information is Beautiful, Signal Noise, and Beyond Words. I currently work as an independent designer from my studio in Amsterdam.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Something I love about data visualisation is being part of its vibrant and passionate community. Over the years I've gotten involved in numerous initiatives that allowed me to contribute and foster this community by creating platforms to debate ideas in this exciting field of design. Here's some of the ways I'm keeping busy, aside from my design practice:
Curating a magazine
A project I'm most fond of is Market Cafe Magazine, a zine about data visualization, which I co-founded in 2017, featuring projects and interviews by other awesome fellow designers. The magazine – currently at its 6th issue – has become a staple in the dataviz community, and in 2019 it was awarded Gold at the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards. For me personally, it's an invaluable way to start conversations with other practitioners, to stay in touch with the community, and to offer a platform to others to talk about their work in this field.
Organising events
In 2015 I co-hosted Data Rave, a series of meet-ups in London that combined inspiring talks dataviz, and techno music – unsurprisingly, a great match! In 2017 I co-organised in Milan the latest edition of Visualized, an international data visualization conference. In 2019 I co-founded Encode a London-based festival that combines the best inspiration from the fields of data design, data journalism, and education.
I often run workshops for businesses, organisations and universities, to explore the fundamentals of data visualization and share ways to improve your presentation skills using data visualisation techniques. Since 2017 I'm Associate Lecturer at Ravensbourne College in London where I teach data visualisation. ​​​​​​​
My design process 
My process follows a series of simple yet crucial steps that ensure goals are met and the client's input is carried through across the journey. Each project starts with a 'Discovery' phase, focusing on research, look and feel, and interviews. Those findings inform the 'Sketch' phase with unrefined wireframes of the product or schematics of the visualization. Finally, things start to take shape in the 'Design' phase where copy and visual refinement are applied. Ultimately it all comes together in the 'Build' phase, where the final product is put together (with developers help when required).
Features and Awards
2020​​​​​​​LUISS Guido Carli, italian university
Gold Award at Kantar Information is Beautiful Award
Novum World of Graphic Design magazine, Germany
Dataviz Today Podcast
Corriere della Sera, italian newspaper
123 Data Exhibition, EDF Foundation, Paris
Frizzifrizzi, online magazine
London College of Communication, UK university
Data Walking, David Hunter, Ravensbourne University
Shorthand Awards, Courageous Newcomer category
The Book of Circles, by Manuel Lima Princeton Architectural Press
Frizzifrizzi, online magazine
Neon Moiré, online magazine
Italianism, online magazine
Osso Magazine, online magazine
Ravensbourne College, London, UK university
Knowledge Is Beautiful, David McCandless, Harper Design
Information is Beautiful (New Edition), David McCandless, Harper Design
Designing Diagrams, BIS Publishers
Data Flow 2, Gestalten
Visual Complexity, online magazine
Silver Award, Adobe YouGC
Lectures and Workshops
Datafest Tbilisi online, Georgia
MESH Festival, Sweden (online)
Ravensbourne College, London, UK (online)
Encode, Oval Space, London, UK
Datafest Tbilisi, Georgia
EDCH, Munich, Germany
London College of Communication, London, UK
Ravensbourne College, London, UK
Torino Graphic Days, Turin, Italy
Datavis Brighton, The Skiff, Brighton, UK
Fjord, London, UK
Visualizing Data, HereEast, London, UK
Datarave Club no. 3, Unit 5, London, UK
Data4Change workshop, Kampala, Uganda
Ravensbourne College, London, UK
SPIN Unit, Tampere University Technology, Tampere
RED Gallery London, Market Cafe Magazine Issue One launch party
Visualized 2017, Milan, Italy
Hacks Hackers, Nairobi, Kenya
Datarave Club no. 2, White Building, London, UK
Data4Change, Beirut, Lebanon
EU Commission, Learning & Development DG, Brussels, Belgium
Datarave Club no. 1, Truman Brewery, London, UK
Hyper Island, Stockholm, Sweden

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